Inland Transportation

FGL Cargo Experience:

- Transportation of Communication Tower equipments into containers from Port-Said port up to Juba city in Soudan .

- Importing a full production line for sinai cola factory in Egypt from Germany to Alexandria port up to final place of delivery in Egypt in 3 shipments consisting of 13 containers 3x40 flat rack, 2x20’ dc, 8x40’ hc,dc including clearance of the cargo, un-stuffing on trucks and trucking to factory .

- Re-export of Staccato Tower and its accessories which had been in assisting in the lifting of the largest crane in the Middle East (300 Ton) back to Shanghai. Our Job summarized in Stuffing and lashing the 625,000 Kg / 987.41 CBM cargo into 4x20ídv, 15x40íHc, 4x40Fr, 1x20ídv S/O, 1x40ídv S/

was all the responsibility of the FGL Alexandria team, as well as the clearing and moving of the shipment from the ship yard in Alexandria to the port of Shanghai.Included in that colossal 625,000 Kg were gully blocks, steel tubes, pipes, frames, lifting beams, wires and hoists.